Photographer Branding Kits

I’m excited to share a recent project I completed for Utah-based Kristin Brown Photography.  Kristin’s style is both modern and classic all wrapped up into one.  It’s the perfect combination that results in photography that is truly timeless, and she wanted branding materials that reflected that also.

The project consisted of creating a design for the following:  business card, thank you card, letterhead, shipping label, gift certificate, and DVD label. Kristin knew she wanted to incorporate her gray and white color scheme with accents in green, along with, the leaf graphics. We collaborated on a design that turned out to be elegant and clean.

“I really enjoyed working with Tiffany. Before we began she asked me specific and detailed questions, which I loved, because not only did it give her an idea of who I am and what I wanted from my designs, but it helped me to narrow down even further what I wanted. I appreciated her design expertise on the details I was unsure of and her quick responses on each question or suggestion I had. Everything was so easy and the whole process was very smooth and simple. I’m so excited to print all my new marketing pieces!” – Kristin Brown


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