2011 Branson, MO Flooding

    It’s been really hard to concentrate on work this past week because every time I look out the window Table Rock Lake inches closer and closer to my condo.  Luckily, there’s no major fear of flooding for me since our building is on a slight elevation, and I live on the second floor, but many of my fellow Branson and Hollister, Missouri residents have not been so fortunate.  Several areas have been evacuated, and it’s still going to be another day or two until the waters actually crest.

    The rains finally subsided somewhat today for the first time in about a week.  I grabbed my camera and headed out to take a few pictures of the high waters.  The scene was all too familiar.  In 2008, we experienced a similar flood.  As was the case back then, they have opened up the flood gates at the Table Rock Lake Dam.  I read a statistic in the local newspaper that said the amount of water being let out is equivalent to an Olympic-sized swimming pool being released every three seconds.

    Unfortunately, this huge influx of water into Lake Taneycomo is spilling into neighborhoods.  Today, I saw some homes were already a few feet underwater.  Others were only hours away from having their bottom floors flooded.  People were trying to salvage what personal belongings they could by filling up moving company trucks as fast as possible.

    From tornadoes to flooding, Missouri seems to be struggling with a lot here lately. During my prior experiences as a disaster relief volunteer, I’ve seen firsthand how resilient the people of our great nation are, and I’m confident that our communities will pull together again in the face of these challenges.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by this latest string of natural disasters.

    Photo below was taken from the scenic overlook on Hwy 165.  Shows the water being released from Table Rock Lake into Lake Taneycomo.  In the middle you can see the water only few feet from one structure, and near the top right corner you can see the Showboat Branson Belle on Table Rock Lake.

    As seen in the two photos below, Lake Taneycomo is flooding parts of the Branson Landing.  The fountains, boardwalk, and parts of the parking garages are currently underwater.  Several of the areas near here have homes and business that have been evacuated.


    UPDATE: Click HERE to view additional photos taken the following day (April 27, 2011) showing some of the affected homes and businesses, as well as, other damage.

    • Heather Alexander - Incredible photos and videos of the flooding you are currently experiencing there. Thank you for sharing these amazing pics with us! Take careReplyCancel

    • Babette Rensing - As a little girl our vacation was Lake Taneycomo every year – we stayed at Michelle’s Court. I remember going down the the Lake to what I thought was a boardwalk. It was beautiful – Now at 56 years old your pictures just confirmed my memory. Love that area! So sad about the flooding.

      Belleville, ILReplyCancel

    • Ed - Great pictures and video!ReplyCancel

    • John Bähler - Wonderful images. You do great work! We should meet for coffee sometime.

    • Jean - thank you for publishing your photos online, I have several friends in the area and are in the process of selling our home to move to Branson. We just went through this in 2008 with the flood in Cedar Rapids Iowa and our hearts go out to all that are being affected by the floods. Branson and the area will over come!ReplyCancel

    • Kelley - Just ran across your pics. I have been looking on-line to find as many pictures as I can. We have a place at Big Bear resort in Hollister. We live out of state and could not get there in time to save anything. The neighbors pulled some of our stuff to safety but our trailer is or was “under water” the neighbors told us that people have been driving by taking pictures of it. Hopefully we will be able to get to it in the next few weeks !!
      But, we are lucky that it is just our vacation place and not our permanent residence. Thank you for posting your pictures.ReplyCancel

    • Marilyn - My husband and I have visited Branson 20+ times over the last few years ….lost count. We’ve always stay a week and thoroughly enjoy the town, people and shows. We have been interested in all the flooding. Thank you for these pictures. Our prayers are with all the people that have been effected from all the flooding. May God bless you. Marilyn and Tom VaughtReplyCancel

    • Marilyn - Thanks for posting your site. My husband and I have been to Branson 20+ times (lost count) over the past few years and have always enjoyed the town, people and shows. We always stay a week. We consider it our home away from home. We have been interested in knowing what is happening. We live on a lake in East Texas. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by all this bad weather. May God bless each and everyone. Marilyn and Tom Vaught.ReplyCancel

    • corbin - use an underwater camera and go underwater
      and take pictures!ReplyCancel

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