Imaging USA Recap

    This past weekend I traveled to New Orleans to attend the Imaging USA Expo.  I always love going to tradeshows not only to find new products for my own business, but to also find things to recommend to my design clients for their businesses.  One thing that’s always on my agenda is to get lots of press paper samples from the various labs.  When I’m working with a design client on their branding and marketing collateral, I always offer printing recommendations, specifically paper suggestions which are offered by the lab that they already use and are comfortable working with.

    There’s a lot more involved in a paper choice than some might realize.  Some options have warm undertones, other ares cool toned.  Some papers are so textured that they sometimes distort extra thin fonts and graphics that have a lot of very fine, small scale details.  Also, it’s important to consider whether or not the item you’re having printed is something that you will be writing on.  If it is, you’ll probably want to pass on the glossy and heavily textured papers.  Plus, price is always a factor.  That’s another reason why I try to keep up-to-date with what’s out there, so that I can provide my clients cost-effective recommendations, as well.



    In particular during this tradeshow, I was looking for some new photography packaging.  One of my favorite options was the Artisan line of products from Rice Studio Supply.  It’s eco-friendly and has a wonderful organic look to it.  Perfect for a brand that has a rustic, vintage vibe.  Another company I like is HB Photo Packaging because of all their numerous color options.

    I’ve had more and more clients recently inquire about hiring me to develop their photography packaging from designing address label stickers to actually sourcing their gift bags, portrait cases, and embellishments.  One of my favorite tasks is to create DIY style packaging.  I love incorporating the use of custom designed stamps in particular.  Not only is handcrafted packaging more personalized, but it’s often a great way to save money!

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