Mrs. K – Boudoir Photo Session

Mrs. K’s husband is in the military and currently serving in Afghanistan.  He’ll be away from home for another 10 months at least, so his lovely wife decided to send him a sexy surprise.  Although, Mrs. K originally booked her boudoir session for her husband, she told me that it ended up being a huge gift to herself, as well.  I actually hear that quite often…  Many of my clients tell me that their boudoir photography experience leaves them feeling more empowered, sexy, and beautiful than they could’ve ever imagined.

We shot Mrs. K’s photo session at the DoubleTree Hotel in Springfield, MO.  This location is a client favorite because of the sleek modern interiors of the rooms, and I love how the large windows there allow me to shoot using 100% natural light, which is always the most flattering lighting option in my opinion.  Before her session, Mrs. K had gotten her hair and makeup done, which is something I always suggest boudoir clients do if at all possible.  It makes such a wonderful difference in your photos, and I often find that it helps boost the client’s confidence before the shoot.  Plus, why not use your boudoir session as an excuse for some extra pampering at the salon!?! 🙂

I get especially excited when a client grants me permission to showcase their photos on my web site.  Mrs. K’s shoot has got to be one of my all time favorite boudoir sessions, so I’m absolutely thrilled to get to show off her images!  I had a really hard time trying to narrow down the ones to blog, so I’ve ended up posting several.  Isn’t she gorgeous!